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【07.15】Seminar——Is the active sub-eV neutrino Dirac or Majorana?
2022-07-13|文章来源: |【

Title: Is the active sub-eV neutrino Dirac or Majorana?
Speaker: Prof. Choong Sun Kim, (Yonsei University)
Time: Friday, July 15, 2022, 3:00 pm (Beijing Time)
ZOOM: 85951392529 / 553576

Abstract: The nature of neutrino, whether it is a Dirac type or Majorana type, may be comprehensively probed using their quantum statistical properties. If neutrino is a Majorana fermion, then by definition it is identical and indistinguishable from the corresponding antineutrino. When a Majorana neutrino and antineutrino are pair produced, the corresponding state has to obey Pauli principle unlike in the Dirac case. We use this property to distinguish between the two cases using the process B0 → μ? μ+ νμ ˉνμ. I also give comments on possible use of J/psi -> mu mu nu nu, which can be directly probed at BES III.

About the Speaker: C.S.Kim (Choong Sun Kim,金忠善) 教授1988年博士毕业于美国威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校(University of Wisconsin-Madison),1988-1991年在英国杜伦大学 (University of Durham)做博士后,1992年至今任职韩国延世大学 (Yonsei University)。研究方向主要集中于粒子物理唯象学,包括对撞机物理,CP破坏,重味物理,超出标准模型的新物理唯象学等。

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